Thursday, 27 March 2014

My in Flight Essentials

I feel pattern occurring here, I am going to apologise for the lack of blog content lately. I have the obvious excuses work, university etc, but honestly it was more a case of writers block (bloggers block). Anyway enough of the excuses, I'M BACK!

Wow, I often check up on my blog, even when I'm not posting, just to see if there's anything new and today when I signed in there was, my blog views shot up! I'm so unbelievably grateful for every single person who reads, comments of even just clicks on my blog to have a nose at who I am. So THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!

Now lets move on to the more interesting stuff, it's that time of year where the majority of people are planning there summer holidays and I'm no exception to that. I thought that I would share with you my in flight travel essentials and also a few tips.

Firstly, airlines tend to give a luggage allowance of between 5kg-7kg and so many people don't take advantage of this. My first tip is to use that extra allowance, you can put your shoes or perhaps a change of clothes for when you land so you don't have to unpack before you hit the pool or beach.

Obviously ensure you have the serious essentials; passport, plane ticket, insurance information, phone, house keys and a phone charger as well as any other valuables in your hand luggage as this will prevent loss or damage. You could pop these in a separate wallet inside your bag for easy and fast access.

So what will always be on me during a flight?

  • A scarf or jacket, aeroplanes are freezing cold and even if you are flying to the hottest country you will need one of these. 
  • A hair brush, a compact mirror and a lip balm (lipstick). - gotta keep beautiful.
  • My iPod or iPhone (in flight mode O/C) and some headphones. - including chargers for everything!
  • Book or magazine, just to keep you occupied.
  • I usually buy this from Duty Free at the airport but a perfume or body spray as flights can be long and body odours can happen.
  • Sunglasses. - got to protect those eyes!
  • Snacks and a drink - in the UK I'm pretty sure you cannot take your own snacks or drinks with you on a flight so I tend to buy these in the airport as plane food is horrible and very over priced. 
  • Hand sanitiser - no germs for me please!

This is all I can think of right now, please if there is something you find essential tell me in the comments below, I'm always up for over packing everything!

Also where are you going on holiday/vacation this year?

This is where I'm going, any guesses where it is?

Miss Abigail J. X