Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Because You Are Beautiful

Recently I have been noticing some negative comments by others towards bloggers, I find this heartbreaking. I am writing this post to remind everybody that you are beautiful, you should never be told otherwise and you do NOT have the right to question others beauty.

Not everybody on this planet is going to love everything about themselves, but when another person highlights those imperfections it lowers self esteem and confidence. Instead you should appreciate that, that person has so so many beautiful things about them which you could highlight, because everybody deserves a compliment, especially of someone whom they are not personally familiar with.

I understand the media does impose the typical views on people of what you are expected to look like; not everyone is meant to look like a size 6 supermodel and that's okay, it is also okay if you do. Loving yourself and not caring about others opinions is what should matter to you most, it is only natural to have those thoughts such which can make you feel bad about yourself but try to remember those imperfections make you, you and make you beautiful!

Do not allow yourself to believe these negative comments, I am telling you, you look amazing in that outfit, you hair is gorgeous and your make-up is perfect and you are a beautiful person inside and out.

Your task now is to give a complete stranger a compliment, whether it is via a social network or in person, they will feel good and you will to. So share the love!

Miss Abigail J. X